Best Powerbanks Under 1500 Rs

Now, these days power bank is a necessity as we are more and more using our smartphones. Here at best gadgets, we are presenting you a list of top power banks which you can find under Rs. 1500.

Mi Power Bank 2i 20,000 mAh


This is one of the best power banks that you can find under Rs. 1500. The capacity of the power bank is 20,000 mAh with also support for fast charging and the good thing is that you can also charge the power bank too with Qualcomm fast charger. It has 2 USB ports so you can charge 2 devices simultaneously. If you have money then it is the best bang for buck power bank.

  • Storage 20000mAh 3.7V(74Wh)
  • Output 2×5.1V2.4A / 9.0V2.0A / 12.0V1.5A MAX 18W
  • USB ports 2
  • Input 5.0V2.0A / 9.0V2.0A
  • Price Rs.14,99

Mi Power Bank 2i 10,000 mAh

If you don’t want a 20,000 mAh power bank then this for you. It’s a new 10,000 mAh mi 2i power bank.  It has support for fast charging which you use to charge the devices with support for fast charging. The power bank support Qualcomm fast charging which you can use to charge the powerbank . It has 2 USB ports which help you to charge 2 devices simultaneously.

  • Storage 10000mAh 3.7V(74Wh)
  • Output 2×5.1V2.4A / 9.0V2.0A / 12.0V1.5A MAX 18W
  •  USB ports 2
  • Input 5.0V2.0A / 9.0V2.0A
  • Price Rs.799

Lenovo PA10400

This is a normal power bank from Lenovo which is a 10,000 mAh capacity. It has 2 USB ports which use normal 2 Amp current to charge the device. It has a plastic body and readily available at online platforms. If you don’t like Xiaomi then you can go for this one

  • Storage 10,400mAh
  • Output 2.1A
  • Output USB ports 2
  • Weight 240g
  • Price Rs. 1099

Asus Zen Power

This one is from Asus and gives best build quality that you can find. It has 10,000 mAh power and looks good. The power bank is more durable then the others. The only downside of this power bank is that it only has one USB port. It supports charging with 2A so you can charge a single device at normal speed.

  • Storage 10,050mAh
  • Output 2.4A
  • Output USB ports 1
  • Weight 240g
  • Price Rs.1499

Honor Powerbank 13,000 mAh

Honor also has a good power bank of 13,000 mAh. It has 2 USB port and comes with a good build quality. It has 2A charging and you can charge your devices easily.  The device is priced at Rs. 1300.

  • Storage 13,000mAh
  • Output current 2A
  • Output USB ports 2
  • Price Rs.1399

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